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File [DCM/LGP2/LPCI] Freestanding redox buckypaper electrodes from multi-wall carbon nanotubes for bioelectrocatalytic oxygen reduction via mediated electron transfer [Chem. Sci., 2014, 5, 2885.]
Authors: Mariem Bourourou,ac Kamal Elouarzaki, Michael Holzinger, Charles Agnes,a Alan LeGoff,Nadege Reverdy-Bruas, Didier Chaussy, Mikael Party, Abderrazak Maaref and Serge Cosnier. Chem. Sci., 2014, 5, 2885.
File [DCM/LCI/DTNM/LITEN/CEA] MWCNT-supported phthalocyanine cobalt as air-breathing cathodic catalyst in glucose/O2 fuel cells
Authors: Kamal Elouarzaki, Raoudha Haddad, Michael Holzinger, Alan Le Goff, Jessica Thery, Serge Cosnier. Journal of Power Sources, 2014.
File [DCM] Permeability improvements of electropolymerized polypyrrole films using dissolvable nano-CaCO3 particle templates
Authors: Luisa-Roxana Popescu Mandoc, Karine Gorgy, Eleonora-Mihaela Ungureanu, George-Octavian Buica, Michael Holzinger and Serge Cosnier. Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 2014, 16, 5052.
File [DCM] Micro- to nanostructured poly(pyrrole-nitrilotriacetic acid) films via nanosphere templates
Authors: Andreea Cernat & Alan Le Goff & Michael Holzinger & Robert Sandulescu & Serge Cosnier. Anal Bioanal Chem. DOI 10.1007/s00216-013-7135-3
File [DCM] Non-covalent functionalization of CNT with boronic acids for the wiring of glycosylated redox enzymes
Authors: Bertrand Reuillard, Alan Le Goff, Michael Holzinger and Serge Cosnier. Mater. Chem. B, 2014, 2, 2228.
File [DCM] Electrochemical nanopatterning of an electrogenerated photosensitive poly-trisbipyridinyl-pyrole ruthenium- metallopolymer
Authors: Luminita Fritea, Fatima Haddache, Bertrand Reuillard, Alan Le Goff, Karine Gorgy, Chantal Gondran, Michael Holzinger, Robert Săndulescu, Serge Cosnier. Electrochemistry Communications 46 (2014) 75–78.